2014 Track Season Opener

T3 at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton WA. http://www.JasonTanaka.com

Ahh… Another track season is upon us. Time to dust off the big guy (Canon 400mm f2.8 L lens) and head out to the track. This year’s opener was a double with it being on a Saturday and Sunday. It was a bit rough getting back into the swing of things.
As with any other track season, I continue to look for new angles and locations to shoot on the track. I think I found a new angle, but it may be tough on days of variable lighting (patchy clouds). For sunny days where the lighting is consistent, I can put the camera in manual mode and set my exposure appropriately. This is new angle requires shooting against the sky and can throw off the camera’s metering. Using manual mode, I can set the camera to properly expose for the subject. Throw in mixed lighting and I can’t shoot in manual mode anymore. It’s going to be a challenge for sure!
I’ll keep looking for new angles… And saving my pennies for my next big lens…. Canon 600mm f4.0 L….

Mark of 2-Fast taking T3 at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton WA. http://www.JasonTanaka.com


2013 Seafair Milk Carton Boat Racing

This Saturday was Seafair’s milk carton boat races. It was fun to see some of the “boats” out there. Most actually made it to the finish with only a handful not. I could see trying to get a group of photographers to enter next year 🙂

Boat with the most people – http://www.JasonTanaka.com

Slightly breezy for the top heavy. – http://www.JasonTanaka.com

Uh, think they got a little warm? – http://www.JasonTanaka.com

Not everyone made it to the finish. – http://www.JasonTanaka.com

Remote camera rig

Early in the day, I experimented a bit with using a remotely triggered rig. I’m hoping to use this in locations that aren’t accessible to me while the track is hot. This first test didn’t result in many keepers, but learned quite a bit about what I’ll need to do to get the shots I want.

On a different subject… Wind!
Wind was the word of the day for yesterday’s track day. Yes, we stayed dry the whole day with only a few clouds here and there. The big story was the wind, and was it windy.
When using a long lens and trying to get tight shots of moving riders, every little bit of movement of the camera makes a significant change. With the winds gusting, trying to keep riders framed correctly while panning was a challenge.