Biggest Wedding To Date!

Most of the weddings I’ve ever attended… Scratch that. All of the weddings I’ve ever attended or worked were around the 100-150 head count. This past Saturday I brought my photo booth to a wedding with an expected head count of 600! Wow! The night before I just couldn’t imagine a wedding of that size. It was crazy! People everywhere! The photo booth was super popular. There was a constant line of people waiting for the booth.
At one point I swear there was going to be a riot. As folks got rowdy and the line got longer and wider, folks were pushed others towards the booth to the point that the front of the line was inside the booth! People were screaming, the booth was rocking back and forth with about 8 people jammed into it. At that point I started waving my hands and screamed, “STOP! STOP! STOP!”


In the end, I hope that folks enjoyed the booth and I wish the bride and groom the best of luck!

Constant line throughout the night. photo booth


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