Maturnity Shoot

One environment I truly enjoy shooting in is inside the studio. I really love playing with all the lighting positions, modifiers, power levels, etc. Putting that all together is just something I really have fun in. Throw in a subject that I’ve never shot before and that’s when I go into overdrive.
Last Sunday was the first time I’ve been back into a studio for several months. A friend of mine is 8 months pregnant and asked if I’d shoot her maternity portraits. I of course said yes!
One of the more interesting aspects of this shoot was trying to emphasize her bump. Changing the angle I was shooting from as well as the position of the key light made a significant difference in how her belly looked. The mother to be wanted more of a dramatic lighting so we went with one large softbox for the key and sometimes used a strip box for the kicker.
All in all, I had fun and just reinforced my need to find my own studio. Having my own space would also help make space at home. The wife will be happy to get all my gear out of there.

BTW, these were just quick edits that I did after the shoot. I’ll do more work after the mother to be has culled through all the photos.

Mother and Father to be. –

Softbox behind mother to be. –


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