Seafair Pirates arrive at Alki Beach –

This past Saturday, the Seafair Pirates arrived to a large group of fans. This was my first pirate landing and I can see how much fun the kids were having. This was a great opportunity for the kid pirates to dress up in their favorite pirate outfit and mingle among their fellow pirates. It was just awesome!

The Portland Pirates arrived early and greeted the younger pirates. –

Pirate stuff was everywhere. –

This made me chuckle a bit. –

And then the pirates arrived

I do want to make one professional comment. As a photographer, my job is to document what is happening, especially when covering from a photojournalistic standpoint. I make it a point NOT to interrupt or impede the flow of what is going on. Unfortunately not all photographers are as respectful as others. Take these photos for example. Here you can clearly see what, or who, does not belong in the photo. One of the worst parts of this was the fact that the photographer (in brown) lied about who he was in order to gain access. Unfortunate and very unprofessional.

Damn photographers. –

Poor photographer form. –


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