Nose to the Grind Stone

Wow, it’s been one super busy week! It started with last weekend’s 2-Fast track day weekend, shooting both Saturday and Sunday. Then bring in Ducati Bellevue’s track day and it all adds up to a lot of photos! 20,212 photos to be exact πŸ™‚ The following days were spent looking at each one of them and processing them all. With the week finally passed, I’m finally getting a breather. Sales of been steady and my eye vision is slowing getting back to normal πŸ™‚ Doh! I shot at the track yesterday (Friday) too, back to post processing track photos…

Knowing that I’d be shooting thousands of images, for the first time, I set my camera to shoot JPEG format for Saturday. This saved a ton of memory and only used about 60 gigs of memory. During post, it reminded my why I shoot RAW, and glad I did for the rest of the days. JPEG left very little room for post work. Although most non-photographers may not notice the difference, to my eyes, there was a significant difference. No more shooting JPEG unless I have to.


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