MotoGP at the Circuit of the Americas 2013

Took a little vacation down to Austin for the inaugural MotoGP races at the Circuit of Americas. All in all it was a fun trip. Got to hang out with old school buddies and met a few new ones.

As for the track itself, well the track was cool, but the venue, well, sucked. Prices were just outrageous! A normally $0.39 cent Krispy Kreme donut was $2.00. A bottle of soda $5. They screened everyone coming in and you were only allowed a single bottle of water. Anything else was confiscated.
The count of motorcycle vendors were very low and the MotoGP merchandise selection was very limited. I guess Laguna Seca has spoiled me and my expectations. Those guys know how to show motorcyclists a good time!

The city of Austin was pretty cool. Basically a college town with differing neighborhoods with their own vibes. We visited a few of them each night. Most of the nightlife centered around booze and with me not really being the drinking type, the nights were pretty tame.

Went out to a supposed great BBQ place called the Salt Lick. We waited 2.5 hours for a table and by that time, my stomache had shrank, so the all-you-can-eat amounted to a relatively low consumption. Would I go again? Hell no.

As for Austin, it was a cool city and wouldn’t mind living there, if the weather wasn’t so hot and humid. Cool place to visit though!

Rockstar JR

While waiting to head out for dinner, I got Sol to play to the camera. This sort of looks like a photoshopped image, but this is straight out of the camera.

And a video of the trip. Be sure to check this out and let me know what you think!!!
>>>Click for video<<<


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