Year in Photos: 2012

Ahh, time for my yearly review of the past year. I love reflecting on the past year’s experience that reminds me of where the year has gone. For some of the photos, it seems just yesterday that I was there, while others from days long past. Writing this blog entry forces me to think about the details surrounding each and every one of these photos. I’ll put in a little tidbit about each of the photos that may not be obvious in the photo.

Photographed Jenni Hogan and crew for their first “Connect” show. Jenni has since left Kiro TV to bigger things. I wish Jenni good luck in her new ventures!
Tidbit: At the very beginning of the night, I told Jenni that I didn’t want to be on camera, AT ALL. I think that fact shows in her smile.

Vegas baby!!! 2012 WPPI convention. My first photography convention down in Vegas. Got out for a night stroll to get shots of the strip lights.
Tidbit: This shot was taken on a bridge, through a chain link type of fence. I couldn’t simply put my lens between the links.

Fashion show featuring Lexus’ super car, the LFA.
Tidbit: Prior to the shoot, everything was planning. We had a location for the car, models lined up, and a strict schedule to follow. At time of shoot, everything went out the window. We couldn’t shoot at the location we wanted, none of the models we picked were used, and we started way late. Instead of the 1-2 hours scheduled for the shoot, we had about 45 minutes.

Lexus LFA
Tidbit: This shot was not scheduled. During a pre-show meeting, the brought in the supercar into the garage. I laid down on the garage floor and snapped a few. BTW, the Lexus of Bellevue garage is amazing!

Tidbit: These shots were taken in a room filled with other models going through the same treatment. The room was buzzing.

Fashion model getting her lips put on.
Tidbit: This model’s mother was there and I got the feeling that she was not pleased. Her mother was traditional Chinese which was very conservative. Mother was not happy about all the makeup and hair that her daughter was getting done.

First track day of the season for me. As you can see with rider Chase with rain tires, the season started wet. I only shot a couple of track days at PR this year.
Tidbit: The spot I was shooting from was just off the impact zone. When shooting from there, I’m always conscious about the potential for a rider to come into my space.

Tidbit: As riders go rolling by, they sometimes drag their knee on the ground. As they do, you can hear their knee pucks scraping the ground

Weddings in spring, in Seattle, are a gamble, and this day was no exception. Heavy winds outdoors with light sprinkles. It was a challenge, for sure.
Tidbit: The umbrella was pink.

First track day of the season at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, and the first time shooting at this track for me. Rider Blake coming down “The Ridge”
Tidbit: This was the beginning of the season and the track organization regularly uses inexperienced corner workers. While shooting in this corner, the corner worker was yelling at me to get out of my spot. Why? I have no idea.

One of my favorite shots from the day.
Tidbit: The goal of many newer track riders is to get their knee to touch the ground while going through a corner

Tight shot of rider coming out of T14 at The Ridge Motorsports Park
Tidbit: The faster, experienced track riders have already had their track pictures taken a million times. So how do I make it more interesting? Go for super tight shots?

One of my favorite shots of the year. Rider Mike shows his focus through T6 at The Ridge Motorsports Park
Tidbit: While taking this shot, I thought it was a different rider, Blake, not Mike. Mike had just picked up this suit that was very similar to Blake’s leathers.

Tidbit: Sitting on the outside of T14 at The Ridge Motorsports Park, I heard something coming. Didn’t expect rider Eli to roll in front of my camera on this.

A buddy, Mike, snagged this beauty; the Ducati 1199s Panigale. Was super excited to shoot in Ducati Seattle’s garage.
Tidbit: This shoot was originally scheduled to have a female model in a skimpy outfit. For this shot, I’m glad she didn’t show. I think the model would have taken away from the Ducati.

New lights (Profoto ring light) with model Lindsey
Tidbit: We shot on private property that had a security guard on location. To get to our location, we “donated” a few bucks to the guard to “look the other way” for a few hours.

Model Lindsey at Alki beach at sunset.
Tidbit: Just right to the subject is a “tree” of lights. I used all my lights on location to overpower the sun. 1 Profoto 500w/s strobe and 2 Canon 580EXII speedlights.

At Laguna MotoGP with Cali buddies, enjoying the Cali sunshine!
Tidbit: By this time in the day, each of these fellas already had several beers and feeling nice. Good times!!!

**Click to watch*** Video montage of images taken on my trip down to California for MotoGP at Laguna Seca.
Tidbit: I consciously carried at least one camera at all times to gather enough images for this video. I didn’t know how this was going to come out, but love what did.

2012 Seafair. Blue Angles practice prior to the big weekend.
Tidbit: This was my first time shooting the Angles. Fellow photographers mentioned that this shot was coming and would be cool. I had no idea what they were talking about and the shot came out great!

2012 Seafair. Qualifying heats race by while floating in front of I90 and Mt. Baker.
Tidbit: Shooting from a rocking boat was/is one of the most difficult environments to shoot from.

Wedding season in full swing. Groom with his groomsmen.
Tidbit: Not all the guys were smokers. For those that weren’t, I asked them to just hold one. Can you guess which of the guys smoked and which didn’t?

Wedding season keeps on rollin.
Tidbit: Most weddings don’t allow confetti to be thrown. As a result, after the ceremony, folks had to pick up each and every flower.

Beautiful day at The Ridge Motorsports Park. Rider dragging through T15.
Tidbit: Shooting in full sun can be difficult, but when done right, the colors are amazing. In the mornings when the sun is just peeking out, I tend to shoot in T15 because of the angle of the sun.

How low can you go? Rider running through the carousel at The Ridge Motorsports Park.
Tidbit: It’s one thing to drag a knee in a corner and quite another to drag an elbow.

Rider Ryan coming through “The Ridge” at The Ridge Motorsports Park.
Tidbit: Taking this shot, I was experimenting with my settings. Normally my shutter speed is the important factor to shooting moving objects, but for this angle, I wanted to shoot as wide open (f2.8) as possible.

Rider Brad diving through T14 at The Ridge Motorsports Park.
Tidbit: I just love this angle. The track switches left-right-left in a short distance. This track configuration creates a great backdrop for a rider.

Rider Mike getting low in the carousel at The Ridge Motorsports Park.
Tidbit: Late in the season, it just wasn’t enough to drag knees anymore. A few of the control riders were aiming to drag elbows.

High school football season. This was my first attempt at shooting football. It was a great learning experience.
Tidbit: The one thing I learned quickly for shooting sports, like football, is anticipating where the action will be.

Wedding season winding down. Captured at The Wooden Boats museum in Seattle.
Tidbit: I had my second shooter, JR, hiding behind the couple while holding one of my flashes behind them. You can see the effect of this with the light wrapping around them.

Flash flash flash. Love playing with my flashes.
Tidbit: The wedding couple were on a helicopter ride around the Puget Sound. While waiting for them to return, I asked the wedding party for a few shots.

Rider Mike hanging out in the carousel at The Ridge Motorsports Park.
Tidbit: This is one of my favorite shots of the season. After shooting several different track days, things were getting a little repetitive. I’m always trying to find new angles and ways to shoot the riders.

Exhaust bellows out as rider 59 races around the carousel at The Ridge Motorsports Park.
Tidbit: Getting the heat trails out of the exhaust requires good technique, a particular background, and specific camera settings.

Last wedding of the year. My buddy Shane tying the knot. Although I wasn’t the official shooter and was instructed to stay out of the way, I couldn’t help but capture what I could.
Tidbit: There was only one bridesmaid, AND she was the “official” photographer!?!

Volunteering. Going to start giving back to the community. These were the vendors from Real Change; a homeless advocacy group.
Tidbit: Shot in the late fall, I expected rain and overcast. When time came to take this shot, the clouds parted and the folks smiled.

And with that, I say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013! Happy Chrismas and merry new year to everyone!!!


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