Phew!!! Busy Weekend

Happy Monday? Phew! Just in time to relax and go back to the regular full time job. What a busy weekend! Saturday worked on my portrait portfolio doing a shoot with a local model Lindsey with the help of make up artist Sofia. Sunday morning, covered a half marathon/5k run and then a wedding reception that evening. Man, am I glad it’s Monday 🙂

Saturday’s shoot started with me and fellow shooter, Chris, scouting our first location. When we arrived, we noticed a security guard parked in the lot that we had planned to shoot in. Well that’s not a good sign since we didn’t get any official permission. We wandered over and asked the guy if we could shoot on the premise. “No.” He told us that he kicks people off the location many times a day and that we needed to call the owners for explicit permission. Chris and I wander off and continue to scout the location. At the other end of the lot we found a number to call and Chris does so. No dice. It’s the weekend and owners aren’t available. Well CRAP! We wander back to the other end of the lot and approach the security guard again. This time with a plan. We explained to the guard that we tried calling, but the owners weren’t available. We then asked if it were possible for him to ‘look the other way’ for a few hours if we were to drop a few dollars out of our wallets. With a calm look, he goes for it! $40 bucks later, we had our location for 3 hours 🙂

We spent a majority of our time there and after the 3 hours, we proceeded to Alki. Wow, was it busy! Imagine that on a beautiful Saturday evening. We drove around a bit until we found an empty part of the shore where we setup our lights and started shooting.


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