Panigale with Speedlighting

Yesterday I did a shoot for a couple of friends. Started at 9am and in no time, it was 1:30pm. Went home and processed the photos and came out with about 15 images that I cared for. Hmm, all that time and only 15 photos? Well yes.

A lot of time wasn’t spend actually shooting, but all the work around it. Getting bikes unloaded and loaded. Getting photography gear unloaded, unpacked, packed, and loaded.

For this shoot, I had 4 different light sources. Each of these light sources require close attention around it’s location, direction, power output, definition, etc. Each time we moved or changed the subject, all 4 of these light sources had to be considered and reconfigured.

Positioning the subject. The devil is always in the details. For each shot, I have to consider what’s in the forground. What is in the background. etc. If any of these require the subject to move, then all the lighting must be adjusted accordingly.

While processing, I normally only publish what I consider the best. Your work is only as good as your worst shot, so I try to show only my strongest work.

When it’s all put together and working just right, POW!

More technical details:
Light 1: speedlight lighting the front of the bike. Being careful not to light up the ground in front of the bike.
Light 2: speedlight illuminating the side of the bike. Careful that too much light would cast a shadow against the back wall.
Light 3: speedlight aimed at the rear tire to separate it from the dark background
Light 4: ambient lighting, most of which was coming from behind the bike.
Careful positioning of the subject due to the painted parking stalls.
Careful positioning of subject and camera due to the painted walls behind the bike. Didn’t want to cut off the bike with the green and white paint
Shot taken while laying on the floor at 200mm. Manually bracket 7-8 shots.
Post process done with photomatix to merge the bracketed shots and minor tweaking in lightroom. Photoshop to cleanup the background.

A Profoto ring light with battery pack was also used for more of the flat lighting/high fashion look.

I also want just say a tiny thing about models. They suck. The flakiest people I have EVER worked with. PERIOD.


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