Beautiful Day At An Awesome Track

Spent Friday, April 13th, 2012 at a new Pacific Northwest track; The Ridge Motorsports Park. The park itself is still under a lot of construction, but the road coarse is there and what a great coarse it is! I won’t go into detail about the track itself as this blog isn’t about riding, but more about my perspective as a photographer.
As mentioned, the park is still under a lot of construction. The one thing that it didn’t have was any paved access roads. Most of the off-track landscape was mud, dirt, and gravel. Wanting to get some exercise for the day, I packed up my gear and hiked around the track. The loose soil along with some steep inclines made some areas interesting, especially while having my hands full with my gear.
This was my first time at this track, as well as many others, I had to spend some time analyzing corners and lighting to find the best possible photos. With the sun moving throughout the day, some locations were great in the morning, but not so much in the late afternoon. Figuring out issues such as this will take one or two more trips to really get a handle on the best spots.
Another thing I wanted to mention; camoflage. I’ve started to wear camo to see if it will help to not draw the rider’s attention away from the track by looking at me. But I wonder if the camo is worse than plain street clothes. I wonder if riders and paying more attention to me when they see something odd in the corner of their eye and spend more time trying to figure out who or what I am. In plain street clothes I’m easier to see, but also easier to identify. Hmm…


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