Play time!!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to experience something new; rally car school. And it was AWESOME!

Dirtfish Helmet

Supplied Dirtfish helmet for the day

I attended a half day at the Dirtfish Rally School located at an old mill in Snoqualmie. Can’t say enough about how great the instructors are. Loads of fun and was sad to see the day end.

Door to happiness

Door to happiness

The half day began with a 30min classroom session that went over the basic concepts of how to drive in low traction environments. It was a bit high level, but you get the basics of it and to be honest, I would rather be out on the track than sitting in a classroom.

1 of 4 Subarus for the day

1 of 4 Subarus for the day

After the classroom session, the 8 of us students were introduced to our day’s mules. We stared our on-track events at the skid pad where you get the opportunity to feel out the car a bit. You can’t expect to go out on the track without a little seat time, do ya?

Slalom Course

Slalom Course

Next is the slalom. Here you start to learn proper steering techniques. Hey! This is starting to get interesting! Towards the middle of the 4 hour event, it all started to click.

Fog Rolling Over The Boneyard

Fog Rolling Over The Boneyard

Once we started playing in ‘The Boneyard’ I was having a ton of fun! The fog rolled in, but that didn’t stop us! Flip on the headlights and here we go!

For anyone at all interested in speed, rally driving is a must do! The Dirtfish rally school isn’t easy on the pocket book, but it was absolutely an awesome time. Look out for sales and discounts by following them on twitter or FB.


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