The Best Camera…

After a full day of Wedding shooting, the upcoming trip to Salt Lake City for WSBK races left me little urge to shoot, let alone carry the gear.  For this trip, I wanted to see what I could do with the iphone.  Yes, there were times I wished I had my 1D with me, but all in all, having only shot with the iphone gave me a better appreciation of it’s capabilities and usefulness.

First stop was breakfast.  We asked the waitress what was good to eat.  She said she couldn’t tell us that, but could tell us what to stay away from.  My first impression of Utah?  It’s kinda different so far.  Buddy Sol and my twin brother Ian getting reaquainted

Next stop, Miller Motorsports track.  Wet, cold, and dreary.  I left wet, cold, and dreary Seattle for wetter, colder, and drearier Tooele, UT.  Meh.

Quick stop in Target to pick up ponchos and other necessary equipment to meet the challenges that lie out there!

Quick check in at the hotel.  Sol verifying his ninja skills as sharp in Utah.

Winding down from a cold day at the track, Sol and my nephew, Tommy, virtual bonding

While searching for a place for dinner, we found this odd location next to the restaurant.  Seemed to be rubber poles that folks could play in.  Innocent folks walking by almost received the recoil of these wavering poles.

Race day.  Sol and Ian hanging out in front of grandstand #4, waiting for the next race.

And that’s all she wrote.  Just hanging out, waiting for the crowd to disperse a bit.

Our ride to the airport (Ian) left Salt Lake City early, so Sol and I arrived at the airport a bit early.  Uh, 5 hours early.  Bordom…

Might as well grab some lunch before the short flight home


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