New beginnings

As part of my new endeavour in 2011 to expand my little confined world, getting a blog going is one of the things I’d like to do.  As assignments and shoots come along, I’ll try to post about them.  I’ll attempt to detail my thoughts going into the shoot, as the shoot progresses, and any after thoughts of how the shoot went.  As time passes, I can perhaps look back someday and reminisce about where I’ve been.

Elizabeth with the KTM RC8

Several months back (perhaps over a year?) I signed on with a shared studio in hopes of using the studio for portfolio and commercial work.  Back then I was very excited about getting to use a studio on a regular basis.  I really didn’t know what I was getting into nor what I needed out of a studio.  Well I was only there a few weeks before I realized that the studio wasn’t going to work.  It didn’t have enough space nor did I have the clients to necessitate the expense. 

Well here I am again sharing a studio, but this time it will be different, I hope.  First of all, the studio is much larger to allow me to be more flexible about what I shoot.  Secondly, for 2011, I’m making it a goal to do more studio work for my own portfolio instead of always worrying about having income.  Create and they will come?

2011 KTM RC8

Shoot date:  Saturday January 8, 2011.  Here are a few images from the first studio session in the new studio.  Going into the shoot I had a set of concepts that I had in mind.  I spent weeks thinking about everything from how I was to light each shot, camera angles, poses, etc.  I spent nearly a month organizing and planning.  The night before the shoot I was a bit nervous and didn’t sleep much.  Thoughts of the shoot spinning in my mind.  As I packed my truck to head to the studio, the nervousness just disappeared.  I just focused on what I needed to do.

As with any of the shoots I’ve done so far, I’ve come to learn a very important fact; you can’t depend on anyone.  After spending weeks communicating and coordinating with other artists for the shoot, only the model and hairstylist showed.  Have no idea what happened to the wardrobist and the hairstylist bailed at the last minute.  After waiting 45 minutes for them to show, we moved forward and worked with what we had.  A few friends (Thank you Shelly and JR) ran to the store to grab some basic makeup and the studio had a few outfits that we could work with.  Normally I’d rather be prepared than lucky, but we made it work.  The hairstylist (Monique of and model (Elizabeth at were awesome!  Don’t think things would have come out the way they did if either of them weren’t who they were.

By the end of the day, I was tired, hungry, and my feet killed, but it was all worth it.  We got some great shots of my buddy’s KTM RC8, and Elizabeth doing her thing!

Elizabeth doing her thing

I want to say thanks to Mike (NoD) for bring his bike out for this shoot.  Thanks to  JR ( and Shelly for bringing her bike (not shown) and spending the day shooting.


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